Tomasz why didnt you allow docking or pining of analsys to the right or left side

notepad and symbol can be dock why not analysis
this way the full chart be on the screen
btw if you do it in future i prefer it on the right side

There is single notepad and symbol window. Analysis on the other hand is MDI (multiple document). There can be many analysis windows like many charts and MDI windows are not dockable.

oh i see what you did now kind of suck I was hoping for something like ultraedit and it find /replace on the right side not really complaining just wondering

You don’t understand, Find/Replace is SINGLE window. You can’t compare analysis to Find/Replace.
You should compare document windows, i.e. if you are comparing to UltraEdit, MAIN EDIT window would be “document” window, and it is NOT dockable in UltraEdit.

no i get it you want multiple analsyis windows so you can see the results side by side my way would be single but would not cover up the chart

dummy me i forgot about making the windows horizontal or vertical my mistake