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How often is the source file used by this tool updated?

I’m asking as approx. 6545 symbols are provided in the download including some delisted months ago. Also the Nasdaq, nyse & amex has a total of 6760 as of today.

It was just updated.
There are raw 6637 symbols but some symbols are not available on Yahoo and they are on exclude list.

How often is the list updated?

It is updated on demand. Takes few seconds. How often you wish to have it updated?

NASDAQ has 10-20 IPO’s per month. Add in NYSE + AMEX + delistings on them all and the rate of change is high. A once per week update on the weekend would be useful.

I would consider myself in tune with changes. Then again, it all depends on the strategy that one employs.

  1. Avoid micro cap i.e. market cap of less than $50M.
  2. Stocks with low trading volume. Why bother trading on stocks that one has a hard time getting in and out ?
  3. Be careful of ETF and Close End Fund, as they are often very correlated, when one do back testing.
  4. Keep it within 5K and beyond that will the point of diminishing returns i.e. data update time and ease of maintenance.

Thanks, it is good to keep update once a week or at least twice a week.
Re: market cap, I found Yahoo cannot provide or fully provide the extra fundamental data, as I found some market cap is zero or even -ve.

May I know anyway we can download the correct outstanding share? Thank you.

After using the Update US symbols and categories function, I noticed some incorrect data (sector & Industry) in multiple symbols. Here is an example. These are all ETFs which I understand might not have a sector/industry assignment, but they are showing as Consumer Non-Durables/Motor Vehicles. Any ideas? Did I miss something? Manual said it was a one-click update.


Ticker Date/Time Security Trade Price Volume RSI(14) Sector Industry

XLK 10/27/2017 SPDR Select Sector Fund - Techn Buy 62.54 14538638 77.22 Consumer Non-Durables Motor Vehicles
QID 10/27/2017 ProShares UltraShort QQQ Sell 14.27 5587145 30.06 Consumer Non-Durables Motor Vehicles
SPXU 10/27/2017 ProShares UltraPro Short S&P500 Sell 12.81 4849975 28.88 Consumer Non-Durables Motor Vehicles
SDS 10/27/2017 ProShares UltraShort S&P500 Sell 44.40 3411756 29.23 Consumer Non-Durables Motor Vehicles
SH 10/27/2017 ProShares Short S&P500 Sell 31.37 1680616 28.65 Consumer Non-Durables Motor Vehicles
SPXS 10/27/2017 Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3X Sell 33.70 1546951 28.14 Consumer Non-Durables Motor Vehicles

Update, after updating database daily prices again today (via Yahoo) I ran Update US symbol list and categories again. Now these symbols show as Capital Goods, Homebuilding

Thanks for any insight.

Is it possible to have the US symbol list updated again? I've ran the update several times and have noticed a random number of missing symbols when I spot check the results. (Examples: NKLA, PECK, ABKR, APEX, CALT are missing, and all are NSDQ listed and have been for some time - except for CALT which I believe was added in July).

I've also checked and to verify the symbols are active with data available at those sources.

To test, I started with a fresh database, then ran the update but still have missing symbols. I've read the several relevant posts, the FAQ and AmiQuote FAQ, but can't find a better alternative then to ask for help here.
AmiQuote v 4.06 AmiBroker Pro 64bit v 6.30.5

Thanks for your time.

Sure will do that but our source has changed format and it is not automatic and needs some time.

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Thanks @Tomasz.

While that's being worked on, is there anything I can do to help grab/clean data? I'm currently working to prepare symbol information available at It is current at the time whenever it's downloaded, and contains a consolidated listing of NSDQ/NYSE/AMEX stocks along with other info including company names, sectors and industries - though the sector/industry info doesn't match the ones you have established to work with Yahoo info

Yahoo correlation isn't critical for me, because I'm preparing to use RT data from IQFeed, However, if someone is using Yahoo for their data source, I'm unsure if some of the symbols from the above source would need a translation table in AmiQuote (ex: not sure if NCZ^A would translate directly for Yahoo. It doesn't appear to when checked at

When done with that, I'll try to setup my new database using the finished file and ASCII importer.

If someone needs raw symbol lists of individual markets from Nasdaq (rather than the single file listed above), they are available here:





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The symbol list available via Update US symbol list and categories is now updated (7247 symbols)


Hi everyone, how often is this list being updated with delistings and new listings of ?

It is updated every few months. It is meant as convenience for setting up new database. If there are IPOs in the meantime you should add few stocks yourself (Symbol->New)