Top Down approach for analysis


I wanted to perform a top down approach analysis but failed to do it.

What i wanted to do exactly is to analyze all sectors' inside a market for buy and sell signals then go for second step for those who have a buy signal.

step 2 would be to analyze stocks inside sectors (listed in a watchlist with the sectors name) with buy signals from step 1 and act with the output signals of them (buy/sell).

we have the following sectors' charts with 3 stocks of each
energy ( c1 ,c2 ,c3 )
banking (c4 ,c5 ,c6)
food industry (c7,c8,c9)

step 1 would yield the following
energy (sell)
food industry(sell)

step 2 analyze only assets inside banking
c3 (buy)
c4 (sell)
c5 (buy)

step 3 buy c3 and c5 only.

I tried navigating using setforeign then buy and sell but then read that i can't buy or sell anything except the current stock only.

Thanks in advance,

@ahm.montaser your example seems incorrect, your "c3" is a energy sector stock and you wanted that sector to be on a "sell" ??

I don't know where that misinformation comes from. You can build a portfolio easily. It is all in the user guide,

Perhaps you should read about ranking as it appear that you want to rank sectors and then stocks. Many examples on the forum and in the user guide.

Try writing some examples and if you get stuck show the forum where you are in need of more code writing help.

Good luck!