Toronto Stock Exchange data

Also, what is the exchange suffix for the TSX Venture Exchange?

OK I've downloaded notepad2 based on your other post @Tomasz, but when I download the symbol list from EODdata, it comes as a text file with the company name next to it. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is either the easiest way to remove the company name after the ticker symbol (and then I can append the exchange symbol), or is there a way to just append the exchange symbol right after the company ticker symbols without having to remove the company name. Whatever is the easiest and still works properly I guess.



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Ok, this might be a dumb question,but I'm only asking because I want to make sure I understnad the easiest method to create my own TLS files based on an exchange list. It seems I can't get into the starter page as I get a 404 error as shown below:
The steps as I understand it seem a bit laborious, but if someone has a simple method, I'm all ears:
Using Toronto Stock Exchage as my example:

  1. I go to EODdata and download the latest exchange data list (ie. Toronto Stock Exchange data list). It creates a text file with stock ticker and name which i download and save
  2. I take that list and edit each item, appending the exchange suffix and changing any other "." in the name to"-" for my example, TD.PF.M becomes TD-PF-M.TO
  3. From there I save it as .TLS file.
  4. Open using AMiquote and download using Yahoo, or Tiingo or similar to download the historical quotes.

I guess my questions are:

  1. Are there any simpler methods for doing the above steps, specifically the time consuming step 2. So far I find that changing the "." to "-" is relatively simple but appending things like .TO to each line is quite time consuming. Is there an easy way to append and remove characters within a text file that's easier than the find and replace within notepad?

  2. Is it safe to assume I can have the company/instrument name right after the ticker in the file without affecting how Amiquote reads the .TLS file, correct? Example below

Any thoughts are much appreciated, keep in mind I'm still learning the ropes of this.


The suffix for Toronto is .TO

Yahoo Finance supports exchanges listed here:

This page includes information about required suffixes for each exchange

As for TLS format: it must have one symbol per line in the very first place in each row:


Any other texts should be removed. The easiest way to do so is to copy-paste from web page to EXCEL, then mark single column (with symbols only) and then copy-paste to Notepad2. Notepad2 has option to add suffixes to each line.

One exception from the rule is that full name can be included in TLS, but only AFTER comma like this:

Symbol1,Full name
Symbol2,Full name

AmiQuote would ignore text that comes after comma in each line. Any other format than mentioned above is NOT SUPPORTED.

Ready to use Ticker list for TSX is here: TSX.tls (10.6 KB)

Thanks for the info @Tomasz.
Yeah I failed to mention that it was actually the TSX Venture Exchange that I was looking for (my fault) so with your Yahoo guide posted, I was able to find the correct one ".V" that I needed. It's interesting though that the Yahoo list provided doesn't seem to show NYSE or AMEX listings (even though those would be N/A, right). Playing around with both Notepad2 and Notepad++ I've been able to figure out mostly how to append the symbol exchange to the files....
Thanks again for all of your insight.

@Brossy , an alternative would be to use Excel.

With Excel you can use a formula to append text to a cell content, and then save the result as a csv file. Then using Notepad++ you could open and then save as .tls file.

Just an alternative..

Of course, yeah that makes perfect sense.

I guess one last thing, I noticed that for tickers that have for example .U or .W (or preferred shares ie. .A, .B, .C, etc suffix) for example do we need to replace that with -W or -U. I thought I read that somewhere, but now I can't find where in the forum or in the userguide where that is. I tried downloading in amiquote with both conventions but it still seems to produce only zero bars which leads me to believe I'm doing that incorrectly.


Just go to Yahoo Finance web site and check questionable symbols. There is a symbol search with auto-complete on Yahoo Finance that will give you hints as you type as to what correct symbol is. Preferred stocks are often not available.

Or double click on lines on AmiQuote and it will open file in Notepad and will give you Error 404 on wrong symbols.

Thanks for the information, this helped a lot. Yeah, it looks like the preferred shares on NYSE have the denotation P. For example Bluerock Residential has BRG ticker.....preferred shares seem to be BRG-PB (for class B) and BRG-PC (for class C). Warrants appear to be -WT and Units -UN. Not sure who'd be interested in this info, but just thought I'd mention it here. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction @Tomasz

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