Total commissions for backtested system/period

I am backtesting monthly rotational system of stocks (holding max 15 symbols/positions) from S&P500 and I would like to compare the effect of total commissions if I change the rotational period to quarterly.
Is there a way how to see total commissions for backtested period? In detailed report I do have commissions per trade but I would like to have sum of it added either to Summary report or to have column with commissions in Trade list (in such case preferably 2 columns one for entry and one for exit commissions).

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I found these two links referring to similar topics but isn't there better way?

What version are you running? Apparently some ancient one. Even in not-so-new versions (5.70 and higher) total commission is present in the "Summary" page of the backtest report.

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I am sorry... I missed it probably because looking for a key word commissions and it is Total transaction costs.

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