TPO Charts in AmiBroker

Hello Experts,

After searching a bit online, got some TPO charts coded in AFL but found that they are more of a fitting which lacks the professional features ideally available with TPO charts circulated by other Charting Platform vendors.

Considering the X-Y axis paradigm of AmiBroker, can TPO charts be coded using AFL? But how do you get the "letter prints" well adjusted to the price pixel? Also how to collapse/expand the "set of prints" accordingly.

Thank you

Which TPO charts are you referring to as the benchmark?
is there any proprietary stuff that can get violated?

What violation are you referring to? Name one AFL which is not a violation here - www(dot)wise stock trader(dot)com). Scrap off the site then! Shut down knowledge sharing and keep AFL in closed doors.

My question was simple, can we have TPO chart in AmiBroker? If so, any help on how to built an algorithm for the same. That's all !

I am doubtful whether we can overwrite the default x-axis in AmiBroker, then, use faster functions like PlotText() instead of going all GFX to maintain speed and yet achieve the visuals of a TPO chart.

And this is what I get for asking something which is not available in AmiBroker, thank you for your help @travick.

And oh! I forgot to mention the reason why TPO in AmiBroker? Because there is no other Charting Platform faster and efficient than AmiBroker.

Why are you angry? I asked for you to refer the link.

And as for the violation, this is official AB forum, not some 3rd party site that can be compared with.

What do you mean by overwrite? you can remove all the default drawings using Chart Options and draw your own axes.