Trade dates in Analysis window result table

Is this normal?


@John_Dolittle what is the issue you are seeing?

From your screenshot, the only thing I can imagine is that you expected some trades in the year 2011, but in such a case, you should select the option:


(Do you you have actual quotes in that range?)

Otherwise, please, clearly describe what seems "not normal" to you.

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Is there less detailed post??

Your right side of picture shows some exported data of some unknown symbol!
What symbol?
Where does the data come from?
Export by code?
Questions, questions, questions.
Important read.

Apparently it is data of symbol ABBV and you wonder why last date on right side is 2021-08-19 but Backest last date is 2021-08-20.

Well, go to quote editor (Symbol - Quote editor of menu bar) then you should see whether date exists.
Otherwise if it doesn't then look at pad&align setting of analysis settings.

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Sorry, I misworded the question. I meant trade TIMES not dates.

Please compare the trade times to the bar times in the data file. Why are the trades recorded to happen at these particular times, completely different from the bar times?

The last bar of the ABBV is at Aug 19 2021 15:00. Why is the last trade at Aug 20 14:30? Should be at 9:30 or 10:00, depending on settings, I suppose.

Is the first bar beginning at 9:30 causing the confusion? That's how the hourly data comes from the IB.

Thanks, I will have look at the quote editor right away.

The new bars (RT quotes of today) appear to be at local times:


However, that does not explain the trade times at the time I posted the original question as that was before the 1st bar arrived today.

The Buy price and Sell price are set to "Open" in the analysis settings.

You have hourly data but have set start time to 09:30 in File - Database settings - Intraday settings.
That's why it shows per 30 minutes in BT.


If you change to full hours as start time then BT shows full hours too.

BTW why do you show only dates of quote editor but not OHLC???
And also why do you post pictures without header.
This is really furstrating.

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From the AmiBroker documentation:

System test settings window

Add artificial future bar

When checked AmiBroker adds tommorrow's bar and this enables you to see tommorrow's (or next bar) trade recommendations when your system uses one bar delay. Artificial future bar is has incremented date and volume set to zero and all price fields (OHLC) set to CLOSE price of last data bar.

This is what I assume is happening, though @tomasz or others could confirm. Because your first data bar starts at 9:30, all your hourly bars are on the half hour. Therefore, your last real bar for 19-Aug-2021 was the 14:30 bar. When AB creates the artificial future bar, it just increments the date of the last real bar (as per the excerpt above), so the AFB is for 20-Aug-2021 at 14:30.

It doesn't really matter what the timestamp is, because whether it's 9:30 or 14:30, it hasn't yet happened at the time your backtest was run, or more appropriately, there was not yet any data available for 20-Aug.

No, it's showing half hours because of start time of DB settings having half hour but not because of first data bar. Look at upper pictures (and another one below).

I have scanned his picture's data via OCR and then imported it.
If start time of intraday settings would be 09:10 then all hourly data would show minute 10 too even though it does not exist in actual imported data.
So artificial future bar would show minute 10 too.

But that's just times display. It would still pick correct price data of actual bar.

I am sorry, I did not think the prices had any relevance to the question.

Anyway, you were absolutely right about the cause of the problem. Many thanks!

Another lesson of yesterday: as the RT quotes are recorded by the local time, it does not make sense to save the independently downloaded historical bars with exchange times (that means, to convert them after download).

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