Trade list of optimization results

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to get Amibroker show the resulting trade list from my optimization test. However, I get error 706.


I have read the error and checked my settings - report - trade list checked. Unfortunately, I get the same error. Am I doing something wrong?


Optimization result list is not trade result list.
You need to perform standard backtest (individual or portfolio one) with one of the combinations of optimization variables (see last columns of optimization result list) to get Backtest trade list. So insert those as default values into each of your Optimize() lines of your code and then run backtest. (Optimize() default value is 2nd argument of that function). Then after having run backtest you may show arrows for trades/raw signals on chart.

If you just need trade list but not arrows on chart then see below quote on how to force creating backtest report for each optimization step (each report includes trade list):

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This works, thank you. In comparing the stop values, I noticed that Amibroker takes the stop of the entrydate. I'm interested in using the stop the day before the entrydate. Currently I solved this and the stop behaves as expected.

ApplyStop( 0, 2, Ref(stopx,-1), 1 );

However when trying to reference to the stop with the staticvar variable, I get the stop of the same day. Is there a possiblity to reference to the trade.entrydatetime -1 bar to retrieve the stop that I want?

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