Trade time in Bar Replay

I am using bar replay to understand how my strategy will play out in live market. Is there any way to record the actual time at which trade will be executed during live market?
I have enabled the logs but time recorded in that is the present time and not the one at which trade would have been executed on that particular bar

Which logs are you referring to ?
Post that part of your code here.

I am basically refrering to trace tab in Log window which can be opened from Windows->Log menu

What is the TRACE() / TRACEF() code that you are using ?
Kindly post all details in a single post that can convey some real meaning.

The Bars' DateTime is limited by its resolution or interval, so on a 15min bar, you cannot go to a lesser period than that.
Also, DateTime of bars, by default, are timestamped with the Open and doesnt change until next bar.

I am not using any TRACE() code. Just the log window (see screenshot below)15491827137096810163605210919286