Trades are not getting squared off - IntraDay, Suggest Correction in Code

While back-testing I found trades are not getting squared off (15 Minutes Time Frame) at the end of the day. Code I am using is as follows :

SigStartTime = ParamTime("Signal Start Time", "09:19:59", 0);
Sigendtime = ParamTime("Signal End Time", "14:45:59", 0);
SqOffTime = ParamTime("Square Off Time", "15:14:59", 0);

isEndOfDay = Nz(TimeFrameExpand(1, inDaily, expandPoint));

Sell = Sell OR (TimeNum() >= SqOffTime) OR isEndOfDay;

Please suggest me correction, if any .....

Back-Testing Results which I am getting are as follows :


In one of your previous threads you were politely asked

Also if you insert code in forum then you should apply code tags. Please do so.
Please read forum rules .

And you responded to that

But apparently you were joking(?).
Sorry, but it is not supposed to be a stand-up comedy forum AFAICS.

Also please don't make screen photos via Smartphone but rather use screenshot software. Even Windows has one inbuilt nowadays. So it is even free. Which means there aren't no excuses for avoiding to make quality shots. And a better file type being PNG instead of JPEG.

Once again this forum is not supposed to be joke forum.

Thank you!

As for your issues..

Use Debugging methods.

Rome wasn't built after just one day also. So please take your time and investigate things being unclear.