TradeStation Data Export Tool by Murray Ruggiero


Newbie here, I recently purchased AmiBroker & have been playing with it using yahoo data. I ran across this TradeStation Data Export Tool by Murray Ruggiero a well known developer in the TradeStation world.

Does anybody understand how it can be used to import data to AmiBroker? I would like to know more before spending $100 on this tool. Can it be tied into AmiQuote? Do I need to create / use a custom ASCII / csv importer? Can I create a custom interface with AmiQuote? Are any already available that would work? Looks like the data comes across as a series of rows--see below. . .

This is the description:
Have you ever wanted to use TradeStation data in another program such as Excel, TradersStudio, Amibroker, TradingBlox, or MultiCharts? Do you have a custom strategy written in R or Python and need a very easy way to get TradeStation data for it? If so, this tool allows you to export your data so that it is readable by any of these platforms. Simply add this as an indicator and it will export the data history from your chart. It can even update the file in real time! This can even separate out the real time and historical data. In addition we output the complete TradeStation DOP, including all fields. See below for a sample DOP file.


FYI, this is not TS... tool support forum.
If you do not know how that tool works then ask that guy himself.
He is the one who wants to sell it.
Ask for trial to test it.

As for AmiBroker... it can import any proper ASCII data (format).
And you may import it manually or programmatically. E.g.

You can easily import any text (ASCII / CSV) data using Import wizard

The process can be automated by OLE

ASCII import is internal part of AmiBroker.

You don't need AmiQuote for that.

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