Trading time segmentation

Need some help with segmenting daily trading hours into 3 portions
Say in ASX exchange trading hours are from 10AM - 4PM
I would like to segment this in 3 parts :

Total trading hours / 2 = 3 segments
6 / 2 = 3 trading segments

Need to convert this in AFL code so I need some guidance where to start


Thanks @NowToLook for your help and pointing me to right direction

Here is the code snippet:

Filter = 1;

tn= TimeNum();
AddColumn( tn / 100, "HourMinute", 1.0 );

Which outputs HourMinute as 0 for all the records

Just realized I have EOD Norgate data feed for Amibroker therefor I wont be able to get what i am trying to achieve

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