Trail stop loss

x = HHV(H,5);
y0 = LLV (L,5); // Initial Stop loss

Buy = cross (C, x);
Buyprice = C;
Sell = 0;
Applystop = (stoptypetrailing, stopmodepoint, stoplevel, true);

Having problem to code for stoplevel

My algorithm for calculating stoplevel is as follows:

C0 = buy price
C1 = next day close price
Initial SL = y0

if C1 <=y, then sell at y0
If C1>y and C1<=C0, SL will not change i.e. y1=y0
If C1>C0, new SL will be y1 = y0+ (C1-C0)

C2 = next day close price
if C2<= y1, then sell at y1
If C2>y1 and C2<=C1, SL will not change i.e. y2 = y1
If C2>C1 and C1>C0, new SL will be y2 = y1+ (C2-C1)
If C2>C1 and C1<C0, new SL will be y2 = y1+ (C2-C0)
process continue until C(i+1)<=y(i), then sell at y(i)

Read the whole topic, you will find many hints.

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