Transform Applystop to Cover and Sell signals

Hello fellow members !

I have a simple system. Let's imagine system made two trades (screenshot below).

As you can see first position's exis and second position's entry are on the same bar. That's perfect. But the thing is that I want to have only one position at time , so I want entry of second position (17.46 now) not to be better than exit of the first one (17.3687). I have tried this code -

for( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ )
if (Short[i] AND Cover[i])	
	ShortPrice[i]=Min(ShortPrice[i],CoverPrice[i] );

The problem is that applystop doesn't generate Cover signals so code doesn't change everything. Is it possible to force applystop to generate signals so the price could be adjusted ?

Thank you all so much !