Trendline position changed with TF

Hello I have Question.
I am setting channel pattern on Daily TF and saw last bar moved out of channel. Now I changed the TF to 15 min and saw whole channel disturbed. The days of bars which were inside channel , now moved out of channel.

This happens other symbols also.
Can experts please help why these happend? If needed I will post chart to explained my view

Trend line position is fixed at ITS ENDS. I.e

  • START position, determined by beginning Date/Time and Price
  • END position, determined by ending Date/Time and Price

Those points don't move. And trend line is drawn between those 2 fixed points. However, what happens between start and end points when you switch between time frames depends on price action and chart Y axis scale mode (linear or log), not on software.

Dear Sir
I am confused. Let me take my question with two charts -one is daily and other 1 Hr timeframe.
Chart Kotak_D (Daily ) last Bar(5 Aug) outside the channel and it is marked circled.
Same Symbol in 15 min I expect all 60 mins bar(5 Aug) of that circled date should be above trend line but that is not the case.
Thing is that trend line should not move.


As I wrote: check PROPERTIES (right click). The trend line start and end points do NOT move.

Dear Sir
I do no see any option to in properties start and end point do not move. But I can see a option lock position and I enabled it.
But that did not help it. The prob still there. There is no sync between higher and low TF w.r.t trendline.
Show me an example from your end

Carefully re-read PREVIOUS responses. The trend line DOES NOT MOVE.
What counts is start and end co-ordinates.

I wrote you look at the properties not for some option but to check "START X" and "END" co-ordinates. If you look at the co-ordinates you would see the the trend line DOES NOT MOVE, i.e. co-ordinates STAY THE SAME.

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