TRIA indicator [ask]

Hi, does anyone know about TRIA indicator ?
I saw someone using it on his amibroker and other platform.

Thank you.

@t3nsai, AFAIK, TRIA is the symbol used on some platforms for the Amex Trin index.

If what you're looking for is actually an indicator, please provide some additional information and links to allow other users of this forum to take a look and see if there is a matching Amibroker version (or to port the code to AFL).

Yes, what iam looking for is an indicator, in the video the user said the indicator is for momentum.

The video is in indonesian language, but as you can see in the video, he use amibroker for charting and screening.
At the bottom panel, there is TRIA indicator which he use to measure momentum to make an entry.

Looking at the comments for the video you linked, it appears that the TRIA indicator is a "proprietary" one, whose code hasn't been shared, rendering the video nearly useless, as some users have noted!

Yes, i dont think the user will share the code.
Maybe someone has knowledge about the concept, so i can try to make the afl

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