Trying to import intraday data using the Import Wizard but it fails

I want to import intraday data using the import wizard but it fails. I have referenced a few articles below:

Here is a sample of the data that needs to be imported

This is my import screen

After the operation, no errors appear, but the data has not been imported. I feel confused as to what step I did wrong. Please help me, any suggestions are appreciated

Try changing your time format to 24hr ie 4pm = 16:00:00


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Anyway I tried importing few rows of data and it works as expected ("Skip" columns don't change the result).


What version of Amibroker are you using? Is the database set as local with a base time interval of 1 minute?


Did you examine the "import" log?

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Thanks a lot. You are right about the time format issue.

Hi beppe,

The reason i want to import historical data using csv file is because intraday data provider only gives 1 year limit of historical data. I have successfully imported the data thanks to your instructions. However, after changing data source to local, the data will not be able to update automatically. If i switch back to data source from service provider plugin all data is overwritten and everything is back to original with only 1 year of historical data. Is there a way to continue to update new data while keeping the old data imported?

You can maintain Two database one for offline and another for online with your plugin.
You can export the data from plugin to CSV and import back to offline database.

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Recommended reading:

In short - once you connect to external data source using plugin - the PLUGIN controls the data. It can do whatever it wishes. So it totally depends on data plugin whenever it keeps existing data or not. Properly written plugin should keep existing data unless user specifically asks to do total refresh, aka "force backfill". With "properly written" I mean the plugin that does NOT deliberately remove the data because if you don't do anything in the plugin the data is conserved automatically.

Bottom line - ask you plugin vendor.

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Thanks for your clear explanation

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