Two Amibroker running on the same database

Hi All,

I would like to know, can I run multiple Amibroker on the same database? say I have four strategies, and I have a database with 10 years data of the symbol "GC", then I open four Amibroker.exe in the same time, pointing them onto the same database, and do the optimization on each of the four strategies on each Amibroker?

Sorry for my bad english, hope I explain my question clearly.


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Amibroker is multi-threaded inherently.
There is no need to open 4 instances of Amibroker for this. The most common use if multiple instance of AB is if there are more than one DB in use.

All you need to do, is open one AB and load the DB that you need.

Open 4 different AA windows (Automatic Analysis), each with its own settings and Run them.
This is the proper way.

AB will be limited by resources like CPU / RAM etc, so running 4 instances at the same time will eventually compete for the same resource pool.

As for using multiple instance of AB with the same DB, the right way is to create copies of the DB and use each DB for its own separate AB instance.

If you need more processing power, you can use your License for yourself and run each on two or more different machines.


@wtchung You can run multiple AmiBroker instances at the same time. They can all share the same database.


  • allows multiple concurrent non-exhaustive optimizations
  • eliminates unwanted side effects of static variables
  • sometimes increases volume of work done in parallel (depends what you are doing)
  • allows multiple concurrent OLE automation sessions (with separate user logins)

I can also agree with you. By accident, I discovered that if I copied a Metastock plug-in database to another computer on the network and bulk text edited the paths in the ms.config file, what ends up happening is just this! So what happens is that just the data reference is over the network, not all the other database settings, like layouts et al.

So it would be very cool if you could set a setting in Database settings for the following...

  1. path to the data. In the database folder (default) or somewhere else.
  2. Which AD instance can update (Write) to the data (aka the AB instance running the quote feed) and all other machines can only read (read only) the data.
  3. Whether all other settings are writable local db location or remote db location.

Just a thought.