Two things I think are important for fast real-time discretionary trading

I'm coming up on 20 years from my initial license of Amibroker to renewing it through the years. I've always used Amibroker more as a secondary, non-real-time charting package. But now, I'm considering using it as my primary discretionary real-time system. That means manual, semi-automated and automated methods of entering the market in highly volatile futures trading instruments (e.g., NQ, RTY, YM, HSI).

There are two things I think Amibroker should have to contribute to the ease with which to trade real-time markets where there is active manipulation of the chart to do so:

  1. Panning. I should be able to click and hold the left mouse button and move the chart around with 360 degrees of freedom. Yes, I now I can go to the y-axis gutter area and left-click drag up and down to pan in the vertical right now but it wastes time to have to alter one's attention from the trade setup you're about to enter. Just about all real-time chart trading systems support this in 2020.

  2. The label on the y-axis cross-hair should be able to be setup to move in TickSize increments only. If I'm going to setup something like a left-shift / left mouse click to enter an order directly on the chart, my eye is going to naturally look at that y-axis cross-hair label to verify the entry value. I don't want to see 11222.1629. It means nothing to me and I could be off a tick one way or another upon a limit order entry. I want to see 11222.25, 11222.50, 11222.75 as I move the mouse pointer up and down so I know 100% where my order is going to go.

Tomasz has only directly taken my advice one time in 20 years. It gave you ColorRGB() and ColorHSB(). I hope he will accept and implement these two requests in the very near future.


Actually I planned 1) already, as for 2) that would just be extension of snap to price and won't be too problematic.

Note to the others: please don't take my reply as opening of festival of wishes. There is a Feedback Center in the members' zone that is dedicated for submitting suggestions.
It is organized and allows commenting (adding support) for given idea.
This forum is not designed as Feedback Center, and thing should be posted where they belong.


Thanks Tomasz and understood about the suggestions going forward.

For the panning, would probably be a good idea to be able to turn it off/on through AFL too. A script might want to temporarily click and drag a graphical object (i.e., a Gfx-based or Gui-based drawing item) while panning is enabled through an Amibroker Preferences dialog.