Two time frames

HI, I am looking for help on some afl programming.

My requirement:

  1. Find out 10 day high.
  2. Whenever a 5 min candle crosses this i enter a trade. ( I need this in 5 min time frame only, as I check other indicators as well.

What have you tried so far? You will tend to receive much better help if you post what you have tried and where you got stuck.

If you have no idea where to begin, start here:

Then here:

And here:

Thank you for the reply. I’m new to programming. I am having trouble
changing timeframes. The high that I got during for the daily time period
isn’t being carried to 3 minute. Plus I am having trouble using the the
cross fubction with arrays and numbers. Right now I have two AFL’s one for
the daiku and one for the 5 min. I then check manually of both of them are
happening simultaneously.



This what I tried. It didnt work though for me.


Buy = Cross (C,Hi);
Sell = Cross (Lo, C);

Filter = Buy OR Sell;

AlertIf( Buy, “SOUND C:\Windows\Media\aad.wav”, “Audio alert” , 2);
AlertIf( Sell, “SOUND C:\Windows\Media\aad.wav”, “Audio alert”, 2 );

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