Two ways to search the forum?

I am sorry to ask the same question as before ( Disable forum on-page search? ).

I am in Firefox or Chrome, I press Ctrl+F and sometimes the browser search box appears. But some other times the FORUM SEARCH functionality kicks in. See bellow picture:


I really prefer the browser one. I cannot understand what is different, it seems to depend on the particular forum page.

On my end Ctrl+F brings up browser page search. Note that browser page search does NOT search the forum. It just searches what is currently displayed on screen which is NOT full content (due to the fact that posts are dynamically loaded as you scroll)

There is discussion over that subject on Discourse forum (their latest stance is 'Discourse search only when there are more than 20 posts loaded in the current topic stream.')

Thank you for the link.

The workaround is to click Ctrl-F-F (click the F twice). Then you get the normal browser Ctrl-F functionality.