TWS API IBController IBis: options, earning date, trading, and analysis

In doing more research and although AmiQuote, if supplied a proper source, can retrieve the data it seems that IBController is a better method. With an IB subscription which I have, the TWS API can get this data. This link below describes the corporate data available which includes earnings and dividend dates among much other company specific information for anyone interested.


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Statements like this:

"Be careful as APIs can leak sensitive information in error messages – names of servers, frameworks, classes, versions, and SQL queries used on the project. Hackers can use this to exploit known vulnerabilities in the aforementioned resources. To counter this, use an API gateway which standardizes error messages and avoids exposing sensitive information."

make me very wary about the controller.

This and the many other warnings are good advise. Although I understand the need, I do not have the experience nor expertise in APIs and look to this community for direction, advise, and support. There must be some existing working examples, hopefully well commented. I want to learn the good practices and programming that can make this work.

My end goal is to get data from IB, make trade decisions in AmiBroker, and forward trades to TWS. So far my AFL code works as expected. The interface with TWS is the challenge. Equally important is to retrieve historical options data (EOD is OK) for AmiBroker analysis.

Thank you!

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