TWS Locking up on the new version on lany analysis run.

My system just decided to stop working all of a sudden. I did everything... reloaded Amibroker, Ibcontroller, ran old codes.
Symptoms are:
Runs on chart mode. Buy and short okay. everything.
But TWS Hangs on any Analysis run. Even a blank afl code....
No error codes anywhere. TWS just STOPS.
Reloaded a "Stable" TWS version 10.12.2q.

Just spent a whole day trouble shooting a none bug.

Which exact version did you have problems with?

(We only know that 10.12.2q is fine, but we don't know which version caused problem)

As requested by el Jefe...

BAD Builds = 10.17.1q
Jolt Build = 1.18.9
Nia Build = 2.24.2
ModelNav Build = 1.13.2
Riskfedd Build = 2.45.2

GOOD Build = 10.12.2q
Jolt Build = 1.18.4
Nia Build = 2.23.1
ModelNav Build = 1.12.0
Riskfedd Build = 2.45.1


Thanks, this will be helpful if others experience similar issue.