Tws symbol issue

Dear all,
Thanks for support everybody provided till date, I am doing well after reading all topics. I am successfully able to fetch data from TWS. but there is problem with only one specific stock of NSE (Indian Stock Exchange) others working fine.
HDFC-NSE-STK-INR working fine for HDFC

but TWS given MCDOWELL- (already -in symbol name) which results in MCDOWELL--NSE-STK-INR , but it didnt work.

So my question is how can i get it in to amibroker?


@dranokar, the symbol, looking at your screenshot is MCDOWELL-N
(with the trailing N)

So I suspect that for TWS it should be entered as : MCDOWELL-N-NSE-STK-INR

thanks bro but it didnt work. i tried it twice

This won't work because - (dash) is used as separator.