TWS tickers for scandinavia


I am trying to add Stockholm stocks (SFB) to AmiBroker through TWS. I have a valid subscription and can see the real time data in TWS, so that's fine.

I'm reading here (How to use AmiBroker with Interactive Brokers TWS) that "HM.B" should be "HM B-SFB-STK" and "TELIA" should be "TELIA-SFB-STK".

But whatever I try to type in as a symbol in AmiBroker, I always get "Invalid symbol". Can anybody see what I'm missing?

Also, tickers like GM etc are working fine, so the TWS-connection is working.


@Muzzle, for Telia try adding the currency.


For the other one this seems to work for me:


Verify that your TWS data subscription includes the "Nordic Equity" data

Yes! That was it. How did you know that? I didn't see that anywhere in the documentation

Btw, @beppe, on the same topic, do you know a way to automatically load AmiBroker with all quotes from the Nordic Equities, or is a semi-manual process needed?


@Muzzle, re the currency: it is in some examples and if you search the forum, as far as I remember, there is already a topic or two with the same issue.
For the one with the dot in the name I simply tried it!

Re the second question, on TWS "watchlist" pages/tabs, I see that there is an import function (that I actually never used) documented here:

For example, your text file could be along these lines:


Because it is clearly written in the knowledge base already (which is part of documention too).

As per rules mentioned above, if CURRENCY is USD it may be skipped so we can use either ESZ4-GLOBEX-FUT-USD or ESZ4-GLOBEX-FUT.

For non-US symbols the procedure is the same, so TESCO PLC would be TSCO-SMART-STK-GBP. In this case we can not skip SMART and STK because we need to specify currency, and it is 4th part of the symbol. If we skipped SMART and STK, IB plugin would think that GBP is second part of dash delimited string and interpret it as exchange, and this is NOT what we want.

I didn't see that anywhere in the documentation.

Apparently you did not check the obvious part, TUTORIAL which is must read for everyone

Inside the tutorial there is a chapter about Interactive Brokers How to use AmiBroker with Interactive Brokers TWS and if you scrolled DOWN to the bottom you will find symbology guide.

Also as @fxshrat noted already, Official Knowledge Base has also an article on that

Plus this very forum has extensive thread on that subject as well:

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