TWS Tidy Closedown Time (eg. ClosedownAt= )

Just a quick one. I'm trying to set up my IBcontroller settings in the .ini file as specified, Can I assume that a blank value in "TWS Tidy Closedown Time" section (eg. ClosedownAt= ) is left blank, this is efault, or do I need to specify a value there irrespective? Didn't seem to be specified in the notes above it.

Wrong forum. You're referring to the OTHER ibcontroller which is unrelated but named the same as the ibcontroller that is used with AmiBroker.

Here's the correct forum link: | Messages

Wait, what??? so which one is the one that is correct as per the amibroker forums? The one that is v.1.3.8. or the one on Github that's v.3.4?
If I wasn't confused before, I totally am now......

v1.3.8 is the AmiBroker ibcontroller which you can use for autotrading. This one does not have an ini file. It is maintained by Thomaz. That's the one you want for submitting orders to TWS. This one cannot launch TWS. IBController 1.3.8 READ ME

The ibcontroller that uses the "TWS Tidy Closedown Time" is for launching TWS from a script. It does not submit trades. It enters your IB username and password so you don't have to do it manually, and can be scheduled so that TWS always runs. It is maintained by Richard King and Jurgen Reinhold. GitHub - IbcAlpha/IBC: Automation of Interactive Brokers TWS. You can download the latest release here:

I hope this helps.

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Oh wow. That explains everything. Thank you for your detailed response. I was so confused by the two and really actually just thought that the 3.4 version was a beefed-out version of the 1.3.8 one. Ideally, the auto trading one is the one I'm looking to use, but I might play around with the AutoOpen one too. Cheers !!

Since I trade both the Japan and NA Markets (Mainly US) I'm thinking that maybe the script on the auto start / shutdown one can be configured to start prior to market open and shutdown shortly after market close for each. Since I reside in Japan how would I make that setting within the .ini file. For example open 30 minutes prior to each market and shutdown 30 minutes after each market.

Oh I don't know about that. Check on the TWS forum, they may be able to help you more.

No problem. I'll do that. Thanks again for your insight and help.
Oh, one last thing (probably not the place to ask, but your input has kept me from going down the wrong rabbit hole already, so just thinking to ask......). In comparison, I've seen an AutoTrader program on youtube that uses the .NET data source plugin. Is that 3rd party program any good or is it rubbish? I'm thinking this IB Controller 1.3.8 is the proper way.

I'm not familiar with the one that you mentioned so I can't comment on it.

FYI, as a sidenote, 1.3.8 doesn't support fractional share trading or crypto's because those require the newer TWS 10.10 which is unstable, and incompatible with 1.3.8 due to using a different API version.

TWS 978 (stable version) definitely works with 1.3.8.

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This is good information as I've started playing around with the new 10.10 version. I'm not sure I understand though what you mean by 1.3.8 using a different API version? Thanks for this.

See this:

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Thanks, @PeterD PeterD. Good to know.