TWS update broken, was: Amibroker closes when I log in Interactive Brokers


Interactive Broker updated their IBKR PRO (TWS) software version today, and now Amibroker closes by itself, how can I fix it?

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Try to log in TWS first then after logging run Amibroker. It that doesn't work, replace latest TWS version by the stable one.
Good luck.

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I already have the stable, I've always had it, the problem continues.

Did you have the same problem?

DO NOT update TWS. It is that simple. Why break things that work? Interactive Brokers has long history of breaking compatibility with applications. They do this constantly. 50% of their releases are not working, they fix it afterwards. Don't update TWS and you will be doing just fine.

If you already updated, REVERT to old version.

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