Type of Divergences for RSI ,MACD , and CCI

hi all
I am trying to not write a lot cause of misunderstand because of the language

can i have the code for the flowing PIC

for the price and indicator

rsi divergence 2

also i need it as reference for future indicators that I will do.

thank you in advance

it can be done without using Zig-zag indicator

I will wait for some one to answer

I can not be programmer and trader

Start by searching the forum


This topic migth be what you are looking for

dear awilson

good job what you did

this not what i am looking for

1- without using the Zig-zag indicator

i know it will be lag indicator but it is good to catch the direction of the price

so we need system to show Reversal (class A - class B - class C) and the Continuation ( Hidden )
system help traders not let traders stop trading and learning coding .
this what the forum and Amibroker software about . making traders Concentrate in their trading not learning codding

I searched, but what I found is incomplete and contains errors.

thank you

did you read what in this link
but it is excellent idea from shaider.

so I am not the only one ask about it.

until now there isn't good AFL cod for the divergence .

From a stock analyst's point of view, it's not enough.


1 - you need to write a specification. The screenshot is nothing. You need to define clear rules. You are a trader and you must know how to specify a trading idea. If you expect that it is basic requirement for a software then you are completely wrong. i.e. you must specify your interpretation of a higher high and a lower low. There are tons of possibilities and you must tell exactly what you expect.

2 - you need to show your codes. The forum will help you when you show that you worked on the topic and you have specific issues. Telling everyone that you are a trader and not a programmer will not help. If you are a trader you must know how to code something.

3 - as you are a good trader you should earn enough money and then you can spent money for a programmer. This is more efficient when you do not want to learn coding. But even if you pay someone you must specify everything... so you are back in step 1.


thank you for your advice and it is considered.

1- choose the right setting for the indicator.( we are not creating new indicators it is there and built in with most of the software)
2- as I told you Divergences is legging and you find it in most indicators.

3- as trader the chart is the main indicator .

4- if you cod it and we discusses the way you cod it as I provide from the net ( the type divergence ) with all the conditions . believe me you will learn something different.

5- the the key for your coding is (iif).
let me explained it .
A=IF(high.-1 > high and high.-1>high.-2) ( this first point)
B= IF(high.-1 > high and high.-1>high.-2) ( this second point)
so as you see A+B have the same conditions.
your second step is B higher then A ( trend is up) or A higher then B ( trend is down).
now there is something called AB ( AB in this condition is ( low ))

any two point ( A and B ) between them point AB ( low) ( if the A and B are in trend up)
vice versa ( when trend down) .

you will find in some codding ( label ( LL ) and anther one (LL ) ) in the trend down coddler mistake

it should be (LH ) and (LL).

sorry about my formula up . I used trade navigator.( they use English ( I know there is disadvantage )
what the point from this discussion ( no need to continue writing ( as some of the coddler here they Sayed ( I do not like the idea ).

I have some software for trading ( not free ).
there is nothing perfect .
I think since 2000 the Amibroker started . and asking trader to learn their software .
no no no I am trader I am expecting something to making my trade easy even thou if my strategy or what I asked for has no benefit from it in trading.( still client and trader not coddler for AFL.

what I want is sent massage to you be a trader looking to trad in hundreds of companies
Technical analysis is not the only one in making a trading decision.
the software that has good support and make my trad easy this the one I need.

I would like to ask something. please when you reply to me provide your code first.

if phot can not speak and you cant understand it what you will understand.
do you need the idea . work for it( show me that you are a good coddler and prove it that you will understand ) .

you know this is legging indicator or what ever you call it ( but is good to have it in your chart it will help.

please when you reply to me provide your code first.

thank you

@needhelp : multiple people have given you similar advice on multiple threads. Instead of taking their advice, you insist on being argumentative and criticizing both other forum members and AmiBroker. I believe you will continue to be frustrated until you embrace the standards of the community here. Good luck.


I totally agree with you.

in stock market trade with trend . I think it same here.

thank you

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