UI for showing symbols, interpretation, notes, charts, layers, always open

I used to have the above windows always open on the side of the price chart, and stacked vertically, now I can have only one at a time open, and I have to click on each separately to open it. I can have them floating, but I want them anchored to the side window location.

That is part of the UI's and the tear-off tabs feature.

Nested Docking and tear-off tabs feature is describe here.

Once you have a window open, and want to nest it with another window, make sure the parent one is docked and auto-hide pin is vertical (as in auto-hide ) is not enabled.
Then click the title bar of the other window and drag it on the docking sticker.
Where you drop it will be the position of that window.


Dropping at the centre will nest it, and the tab will appear at the bottom of the window.(Location of tabs is at bottom by default.)

For the first window to be docked on the left, once you click and drag on the title bar, say symbols window,
you will get large docking stickers at the 4 edges. Use the left one, and drag the window onto that one.

Hello Clark or travick (please excuse any discourtesy as I am new to the forum)
Thank you very much for the reply, as it has enabled me to reset my side windows to how I like them.
I have just upgraded to the latest version of AmiBroker, but I did not find the Help reference that you linked. I must have not asked the right question.
Once again, thank you from

You can just click the link pasted in the post.
It is also there in the Manual that comes along with the installation.

File: Broker.chm ( You click Help contents from the Help menu in AB )
Under the Tab "Contents"
AB 6.30...Guide > Tutorial > User interface > User interface customization

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Hello Clark,
Many thanks for your followup.