Unable to chart downloaded quotes

I have configured TWS and the IB plugin, it seems to connect correctly and I can even see quotes in the editor, but when I try to create a price chart I get the following error


What am I missing?

You have downloaded just one day of 1 minute intraday data. But in your chart you have set daily timeframe. Just go to File > Data base setting and set base time interval to 1 minute. Then set to intraday timeframe on right side of AmiBroker UI of the picture or on the top in interval box right of symbol box.

AS the image says, not enough Data.
Backfill for a greater period,

Thank you for your answers! I changed the number of bars to 1000 and got a few daily bars. However, I am only interested in getting and charting the end-of-day data. Is it possible to backfill just EOD values? I assumed that would be set by the "base time interval option". This is what the database settings look like now: ib2

Right click the green connection icon at the right bottom and select different backfill length such as 5 days, 10 days.

Base Time Interval should be set only once at the Time of creation of DB for RT Plugins.