Unable to move floating window to second monitor

I have two monitors - a 4K primary display in landscape mode and a 1080p secondary in portrait mode. When trying to move a floating window to the secondary monitor, I find the window does not want to leave the primary display how much ever I drag and try to drop. Is there a method for positioning floating windows on a second monitor I'm not aware of?

You can see the issue in action in this screen capture - https://youtu.be/SDnuEoJpwHs?si=bmX8KN7zg0Uq0jQc&t=19

OS - Windows 11
Amibroker - 6.49.1 64 bit

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That's a huge resolution difference, not to mention the orientation diff. Try making it very small before dragging it over.

Sure tried making the window very small @Sean. You can see me resizing at timestamp 38 sec in the video. It does not help. A little bit of the floating window's left side say 10-20 pixels sticks to the primary monitor and the window can't be moved further.

Gotcha. Try changing the 4k monitor to 1080p and see if behavior is different. Also try dragging a exploration over, because I'm thinking of stuff like GFX and visible bars et al.

It works perfectly well, given Windows limitations

Generally in Windows OS, a single window can not have size larger than available screen area

The thing is that you have different DPI on those monitors. The window that fits on your high DPI screen, is not able to fit into smaller screen.
Read about DPI Dots per inch - Wikipedia and when you move window to monitor with smaller DPI window becomes larger.
You must make sure that the window that you are moving can fit on smaller monitor.
Alternatively you can right click on program icon, choose Properties and in "Compatibility" tab play with various DPI settings via "Change high DPI settings". Depending on setting you choose, Windows might do pixel blending to keep windows the same size on largely different DPI scales at the expense of "clarity" (blur).

The other thing to consider is that your mouse may behave in weird ways on multiple monitors with large difference between DPI.

This is NOT AmiBroker issue, but Windows issue. Windows does not really handles well the monitors with largely different DPI settings. Weird things happen and I even have set up computer with largely different DPIs to test things.
There are 3rd party tools that address that problem on Windows. Unfortunately they work only on some setups. Depending on ordering of monitor and selecting "primary" monitor, Windows behaves in strange ways.

You can search those using Google:


For example:

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I am making sure the floating window is small enough on the 4K display so when it moves, it takes less than 50% of the 1080p screen real estate. The problem does disappear when the 4K monitor is also set to 1080p. I'll read up on "Change high DPI settings" and its effect on windows. Thanks for sharing so much of the technical context, it's very helpful!

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