Unable to save stock price downloads

I have downloaded the latest Amibroker release (Version 6.30.0) however when I downloaded the end-of-day stock prices, they could not be saved. Are there problems with this release?

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Can you elaborate this more clearly.

Did you try and import the EoD data from a file using ASCII importer? etc

And messages / error reporting etc?

When you upgraded, did file/folder permissions change for any reason.

Lots of reasons, not working/ not saving is just too vague.

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@BruceW1 maybe simply your free upgrade period has ended? If that is the case - if you are a registered user - you can download and run the newest AB release, but won't be able to save the database...


Hi Milosz,

What you have suggested may be the case?

As I have explained to travick, my upgrade period has expired, however in the past, I have always received a renewal email from Tomasz. In this case, no renewal email has been received.

I did renew my subscription immediately upon becoming aware that my subscription had expired, however apparently the new key takes time to be issued.

I surely hope that after using Amibroker for 15 years, this has not damaged the relationship?

I don't like down time with any of my computer systems and this is concerning.

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I have been an Amibroker user for about 15 years - maybe longer.

Download tonight was the same process as with the last 4000 times!

When I opened Amiibroker - the Window does display "Free Upgrade Period Expired" The purchase license upgrade was done immediately. Still waiting for the new key.

In the past when my 2 year subscription expired, I have always received an email from Tomasz to renew. This time I haven't, so I am surprised that this is the first I have become aware that my subscription is up for renewal.

"just too vague" - I don't know what to add? Normally, I download the prices, close the application, open Amibroker and the charts have been updated. This is my normal process! Has always worked in the past!

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As announced here AmiBroker 6.30.0 RC released

This (6.30) version is a free upgrade only for users who registered AmiBroker after November 18, 2016 . Users who registered earlier, would need to purchase license upgrade. To find out the version you currently have use Account Information page at http://www.amibroker.com/members/info.php

If you purchased upgrade, but used different email address than on original order, then it will require manual verification and fulfillment. Only upgrade orders with same email can be handled immediately (automatic way).

Also please check the "SPAM BOX" especially when you use Gmail. Gmail notoriously puts emails with any links to .exe into "SPAM". Since our keys are small .exe files some ISPs treat them automatically as "dangerous" even if they are perfectly fine.

I can see your order and it was automatically fulfilled and the registration email sent to you. So it is likely in your "SPAM BOX". Please check. You should see "AmiBroker registration" email. Please follow the instructions inside to install new key.

Hi Tomasz,

Something appears to have gone wrong?

I confirm:
The same email address has been used.
No registration key has been received. (Inbox or Junk e-mail.)

It is now 12 hours since the upgrade was purchased. I will send a message to support.

Are you still sending emails to your customers when their license upgrades are due for renewal. (I have many subscriptions with other service providers, and always receive email advices when renewals are due!)

(This has been a very bad experience. I never would have taken this download if I had know I was changing from a fully operational platform to a non-working platform. Also the solution to fix the problem is not quick.)

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The email was sent immediately (I get copies of all email sent so I know it went out OK), if you did not receive it, it is your ISP who deleted it. It is not our fault and not something that we can control. So please complain to your ISP, because we have NO control over what your ISP is accepting.

At any time you can have your registration email resent by filling the form

I have now sent two more copies of yesterday emails and I just got mail delivery error from your Internet Sevice Provider. Their email system does NOT work. Please contact support with other (working) email address.

@BruceW1 although you have not confirmed this, I suppose that your problem has been solved by now thanks to Tomasz replies.

I have two remarks:

In your first post you didn't mention that your upgrade period has expired - which turned out to be the most important information.

Quite contrary. In case of AmiBroker If you encounter any problems after an upgrade (and you need fully operational platform at once) you can easily downgrade to the previous version. That gives you time to solve any problems. Just close AmiBroker and run the previous version's installer. The whole operation takes no longer than 20 seconds...


Thank-you to everyone who have offered assistance - the matter has now been resolved!

The cause of the problem was two-fold. My subscription has just expired, and the renewal process had problems. Multiple email messages sent by Amibroker were rejected by my ISP. The reason for the rejection was due to links to "exe" files. In the end, personal messages from Tomasz, I was able to get my Amibroker activated.

The issue is whether my ISP was right or wrong to reject these email messages. My ISP is the largest in the country with > 40% of the Broadband market. I need to rely on their expertise on security matters and to validate email messages. I know that over the last couple of years, they have significantly tightened up their Internet Security. A few years ago, we had all those nasty hijack and ransom viruses. Thankfully ISP security has put an end to those intrusions - at least in this country!

My enquiries have indicated that the ISP providers also share information on internet security, so even changing to another ISP probably would not resolve this problem for next time?

Anyway, at least I am good for another two years now!

Best regards

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What right does an ISP have to deny you access to your own emails? :rage:

I am sure it is in their T & C's just like every other Service Provider you may deal with, who can make business decisions on your behalf. It is your right to take your business elsewhere, however you will still be operating under similar rules!

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