Unable to set Time Axis to Local IST Time

I am using IQFeed data and pulling Nasdaq 100 E-mini Futures chart, I am unable to set the time axis to Local time(IST time). Below are my current setting, please suggest me how do i align the time axis to IST time.

Hi, Can anyone help me with this request?

Hi @thomasz I followed below link and when i am making time shift by 10.5 hours, its factoring in 10 hours only. Is there a way to have the time shift by 10.5 hours.

Dhruv G

Have you tried setting Date Now?

Title = 
Name() +"  " + Date() + " - "
"" + Now( 2 )

;![Ami Forum.Date Now|588x499](upload://zf18Fhrr8FoUYCWBSPBcsqgCc4n.png) 

I am able to get the IST timings on title but this doesn't help me in aligning the X axis to ist timings

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