Unable to write Interval prop


Currently I'm unable to rewrite Interval prop (based on this https://www.amibroker.com/guide/objects.html), Amibroker threw an error: Unable to write read-only property. I already read several topics in here, but the suggestions basically same, to use Interval prop. Are there any ways to change it beside using interval & zoom to range or did I miss something? Thank you in advance.

Goal: programmatically change chart's interval via OLE
Dataset: default
Version: 6.00.2

Hi Milosz,

In change-chart-interval-every-20-seconds & changing-charts-interval-using-chart-parameters-slider, Tomasz and you suggested to use Interval prop which I mentioned before that I can't rewrite it. I've tried using inDaily / inWeekly / inMonthly or their int (timeframeset) since on OLE doc's it should be in secs. Here what I got after I set Interval prop.


It's because of the AB version that you are using...

CHANGES FOR VERSION 6.17.0 (as compared to 6.16.0)

OLE: Interval property of Document object is now writable so you can set chart interval from OLE

So you need an update ...

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Thank you so much Milosz, you really saved my day!

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