Unadjusted Close

I need an analysis going back just three years using unadjusted closing prices. Recent discussion says Yahoo now provides UNadjusted prices. So after just downloading a symbol, the CSV file has Close price listed as “Adj Close”. The 6/2/2017 price listed in this csv download matches other sites close price for the same date, but can I be sure it is UNADJUSTED for dividends? Any other sources of unadjusted prices?
Thanks, Ken

Adjustments affect only PAST bars (i.e. bars past dividend or past split), so you won’t see the difference between
adjusted or unadjusted if you are looking at just last bar. You would need to look at the past.

Norgate data (not free) provides both adjusted and unadjusted Close and Volume for U.S. and Australian stocks.

It works seamlessly with AmiBroker. The price and volume adjustments are also provided for historical data that includes desisted securities. They provide instructions and suggestions on how to deal with original and adjusted data.

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