Unix Timestamp Conversion while Importing Dataset

I have a CSV dataset that I am trying to import through the Import Wizard in AmiBroker, only problem is the fact that the timestamp column contains timestamps in the Unix format (time elapsed since 1/1/1971).

Is there any way through which I can convert those timestamps in AmiBroker recognizable format while importing them? Or, is there a way to import them and then convert them through AFL Code?

I tried searching the forum but not sure how to go about this one.
Also, I don't want to fall back to Python/Excel to do this particular job, prefer to stay in AmiBroker.

Any help will be deeply appreciated.

You need to externally convert Unix timestamp (integer) to either DATE_YMD or any other format supported by ASCII importer Import from ASCII file

Thank for the reply @Tomasz.
I solved the issue with pre-processing the timestamps with Python.
Here's the code snippet I wrote that gave the desired result.

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