Unsupported 3rd party "data vendors" from India

This topic is intended as a warning for potential victims of Indian "data vendors". Over last few months we receive more and more stories from customers who subscribed to new wave of "data vendors" based in India. We won't list them here because it would be unproductive.

Be aware that only data sources listed on our web site:
are supported and known to work fine.

Also safe are data sources that deliver data in plain text/CSV format and use ASCII import, or use Metastock format and use AmiBroker's native MS plugin.

One should however be very cautious about 3rd PARTY PLUGINS.

Using ANY unauthorized/unchecked data plugin that is NOT listed on our web site bring significant risks. Because of the fact that unknown plugin is loaded in application process space it can significantly destroy AmiBroker experience:

  1. It may slow down your system (it happens VERY often in case of unauthorized 3rd party sources)
  2. It may crash the software (also happens quite often)
  3. It may even steal your private data and/or install unwanted/illegal software (cracks, etc)

So our advice is to NOT use unknown/unsupported 3rd party data plugins. This is serious risk.

BTW: AmiBroker displays warning when non-certified plugin is used but apparently people skip it and are not aware of risks. DO NOT USE 3rd party unchecked plugins.


It is noticeable that you support none either.