Upcoming price increase

Due to planned for 2022 raise in taxation in Poland we are forced to increase our prices.

If you are about to upgrade or buy new version please place your order before the end of November 2021 to secure old pricing. To give you some idea of planned increase the price AmiBroker Professional starting from December 1, 2021 will be $399 (+tax if any) and AmiBroker Professional Upgrade $199 (+tax if any)


Any plans for a new official release soon?

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I am still working on QuickGFX as the more I go the more opportunities for improvements are revealed in not-so-obvious places. This is time consuming since a lot of profiling and testing is done with various code variants as todays CPUs are really unpredictable in their behavior due to various circumstances and what is supposed to be fastest "on paper" does not necessarily turn to be most efficient solution plus even simplest functions in Windows (like MulDiv) turn to be inefficiently implemented by Microsoft and the compiler is not producing best code in critical paths forcing to resolve to assembly in small areas and that leads to more work than ever. Fine tuned assembly is still 2..3x faster than code produced by compiler in certain cases. This seems unimaginable but still the case even with newest state-of-the-art compilers.

I do hope to give you 6.40.1 late November / early December.


appreciate the product and your work @Tomasz


Amibroker has always been priced at a point that is not out of reach for most folks. Thanks Tomasz!


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