Upcoming suspension of Not verified accounts

Not verified accounts with age > 30 days, will be suspended from forum on Sunday 23.

License verified badge was introduced more than one year ago (June 2019): License Verified badge

Every registered user had enough time to verify their account. Tomorrow all forum accounts that are not verified but have age > 30 days will be suspended. Suspended user can't login and can't post.

Be aware that more than 50% of users on this forum are not verified. If you purchased license, you should verify.


This has been now processed for 3489 not verified users with trust level 0 and 1.
There are 31 users who have trust level 2 that are given extra 7 days to verify their accounts


Thanks for the updates as well as the notifications with plenty of time for everyone to take action. It is disappointing that their are so many that never follow this simple request of verifying their account.

After reading your post I was interested in finding out a little more about the "trust level" that you mentioned. It took a little digging to find and so I thought I would add the link to it here for those that are curious how trust levels are determined.

Thanks again @Tomasz


This is LAST CALL for those on trust level 2 without License Verified badge. You had four months to verify.

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