Updated AmiQuote to 4.01 and it crashes whenever I open it


I recently updated AmiQuote as the new features seem interesting. I Installed the suggested VcRedist, deleted the previous AmiQuote folder, and installed 4.01. The odd thing is now whenever i open AmiQuote it stays with a Blue Spinning Loading circle for a few seconds and then immediatly crashes.

Just for a reference my AmiBroker version is 6.20.1

Also Quote.Exe is non existent anymore, rather it is a tlb file ?


You can try to reinstall AmiQuote (I think that there's no need to uninstall first). If something was wrong, reinstalling can correct it...

Quote.exe definitely EXISTS. Something is wrong with your setup. Probably some of stupid "antiviruses" have quarantined (removed) the file. Throw your antivirus out of the window and just use Windows Defender. It is as good as any other antivirus and does not mess up the system.

Also to use AmiQuote you need to ALLOW AmiQuote to connect to the Internet, including www.amibroker.com

AmiQuote can't work without Internet connection.

BTW: the version number is 4.01 (four-zero-one), not 4.10 (for-ten). 4.10 does not exist yet.

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Worked like a charm Tomasz, just for future reference if anybody has the same Issue i disabled a program called 'SandBoxie' then reinstalled Amiquote and the exe was there. It still crashed when opened in Ami-Broker, but running the Quote.Exe in administrator once prior fixed the issue.

Thanks for your time