Updated List of AFL Coders for Hire


I Am trying to get some scripts/adjusted coded, i have put jobs on Freelancer and Upwork (and got hardly anything back)
The Chartist (nick) is busy
Helix Trader also quite involved in a large job.

Is there an up to date list of freelancers i can use? or does anybody have any other leads?


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May I know your requirements please.

2 scripts i would like, the first is an Array written version of MPlite see the link

but i have been contacted from the foum already and it looks to be sorted.

The Second a fair bit more complicated, is a Footprint style chart for amibroker.

To Keep it simple here DM me if you are interested, as i'm not sure of the forum TOS or rules and i don't want to turn this forum into something that it's not.


I am not a professional coder but if you don't mind to explain in detail the idea behind the indicator and the purpose from it in a simple plain language .. i promise you i will work on that during this week,

if i succeeded i will post the solution after one week or on the 1st Week of December as a maximum limit, and you would donate for some one who in urgent need for money, if i failed i will tell you that too ...


Both codes I’ll post up here once completed, I’d like to give back to everyone that’s been helping me here, unfortunately my programming skills are average, but this way everyone can benefit

I’ll find some more info on the footprint when I’m back at my pc

FWIW, I made Footprint/Numbers Bars or in short Order Flow AFL for AmiBroker few years ago with all fancy bells and whistles but it is lots of work. So if you don't understand the concept and how to code it don't even try it.

One thing is for sure... you need bid/ask tick data for that. So getting the data is already more or less of a hassle for most here.

Simply use search engines to find out what footprints are about. FootPrint is registered trademarks of MarketDelta. That's why other software companies name their implementations differently (e.g. numbers bars).

Anyhow yes, it is possible creating footprint/numbers bars in AmiBroker (see proof below). But I am not convinced yet about it being practical/user friendly in real-time there (as you can not look inside from selected interval as in other platforms but only the other way around. So you have to do work around which is kind of PIA as of now). Also I have not succeeded to create foot print for time independent intervals (range bars, volume bars, n-tick). Also after asking I haven't got confirmation by Amibroker whether it is even doable. So I did not continue on latter one (-> time independent intervals) because of that.


Thanks @fxshrat for the hints & clarifications

Frankly, i did not read before about "FootPrint" and it look like that kastin himself don't know enough info about the concept !!

Lacking knowledge would make me unable to tell how much benefit can be get from creating such charts or how much it could improve the whole trading performance , does it even deserve to put time and effort for that ?

However , i just perceived the post as an opportunity to help and as programming challenge (Personal Challenge to me) , i have no serious tasks from a long time that 's why i volunteered to help although i don't know the degree of difficulty i am gonna to face ...

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Wow! :+1: :+1::+1: Amazing.

I didn't post a huge description about footprint because the information is available very easily on the web and this is just a request to find a list of programmers.

There is not many better then Fxshrat. I have talked to Fxshrat about his brilliant work before, though he does not want to sell them at this stage, probably because of the potential limitations he found.
Maybe Tomaz can chime in? or point me in the right direction?


Wishing you all the best and hope to find what you are seeking :slight_smile:

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There is a list of people who offer AmiBroker consulting services here: Third party services, blogs, courses, books, add-ons

Wow very impressive FX, even though I have no idea what I'm looking at. Hehehe. :smile:

hi fxshrat, nice sharing and very good result
may I know, How long you build this system? did you use this system for your trading right now?
I am not programmer but my brother programmer and we plan to build system together like this, maybe you could give us some advice or guidance for this?

in malaysia, I already contact with provider that can support me for data level 3 for bid/ask tick data

thanks before Fxshrat

First you need to answer @Sebastian valid question

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If you do not want to program it you may use other software products which have Footprint analysis inbuilt.

For example one software starts by letter "S" with monthly subscription (around $30). So if you want to test without programming effort then use such software.

Since AB does not have it inbuilt one has to program it there (if instead of using other software one wants to use AB).

It is mainly used in discretionary trading. But also automated.

There is no answer to "is it worth it". It depends on who uses it in which way.

You could also ask is programming/drawing (auto) trendlines, fibonacci, any "holy grail" indicator... worth it.


See given link in my upper post.

Here is another one

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hi kastin

what is your progress about making footprint in Amibroker?have you succeed?
now I am working with my brother to create this footprint in AB, I hope that I could create this chart in AB

Hi, after talking to a few people on here it was going to be a huge project, although it would be nice to have the way it, the way it displays data is a great aid. it would be to much trouble/expense for me.

thank you fr the sharing Kastin
At least I know that footprint is possible to create in Amibroker because I have read discussion that due to DOM issue they said imposible to create this footprint in AB

good luck for the footprint

Everything is possible, when there is a will and skill.

People who make "impossible" claims just lack one or both.


The one and only thread for 3rd party services is here: