Upgraded to 6.30.5 and my custom plugin does not load.

A sometime ago I wrote a plugin to handle some things that were difficult to do with AFLs. Life was good. Upgrades were never a problem. Currently I was using 6.20 and had no issues. Recently I decided to upgrade to 6.30.5. When I did my plugin was not recognized. If downgraded back to 6.20, life was good again. Was wondering if there is a log with more information about why the plugin was not recognized with 6.30? Because it's been a while since I have played around with plugins I really could not remember about logs. After looking at documentation I still have not found out how to debug this issue. BTW, I have a software background and I am very familiar with C++ etc. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Plugin interface in 6.30.5 works exactly the same.

But you have to always ship the RUNTIME for your plugin:

You can't just assume that runtime is already present. Depending on version we may be using different runtimes.

Is there any other reason? The RUNTIME is correctly installed, but the plugin does not load. Environment is win10 and ami 32 bit.

Typically the target system is missing a DLL that you are using in your plugin. Use Dependency Walker to find out: http://www.dependencywalker.com/