Upgrading from 6.1 to 6.3

Hello, I have been using 6.1 for several years and think it is time to upgrade, so just ordered the 6.3.

I am using the 6.1 as RT automated trading platform. May I know if I could just install the 6.3 over the 6.1 and all the settings will be kept as 6.1? Also, Can I keep both versions in the same computer that in case if I face any problem with 6.3 then I can just switch back to 6.1 immediately and fix the problem later?


just like you using AB as a trading platform ,i upgrade to 6.3 and everything is OK

If you run setup program on computer that has previous version installed, AmiBroker setup program will perform in-place upgrade. All settings, formulas and databases will be kept without changes.

It is worth nothing that you can also downgrade the same way - just run setup program for previous version and it will perform in-place downgrade without touching your settings, formulas and databases.

Side-by-side installations of different versions is possible, but not recommended because they would need to use different paths and you would need to "manually" keep track which path you use for what.

Thanks Tomasz. I already upgraded and I got one problem : In my RT trading I use sendmail function to send me email on every 5 min. The way I used is to apply the AFL on the chart, and then set the interval at 5min. I use esignal as my data source. So when every 5 min, when there is a new bar coming in, it would trigger the alert function and send me an email.

After I upgraded, I found that it is no longer able to be triggered. I go into the preference and try the email text function, the email can be sent. So the setting is ok(in fact, after upgrade all the setting are same, just like you advised).

Then I try to switch the time interval from 5 min to others, say 10min, every time when I switched, the email function triggered and I can receive email.

Then I try to downgrade back to 6.1, it works again.

I compared all the settings, and I also re-installed the esignal, and nothing wrong is found.

I tried everything I could think of. Any advise may i receive from you gents?


There is absolutely no difference in SendMail function in 6.30. It wasn't touched. But if you are using eSignal it may be the eSignal plugin version. See my response here: