Usage of Unicode Control characters in Amibroker inbuilt Notepad

Can users share their experience of using Unicode Control Characters in Amibroker Notepad ?
Specifically what are Unicode characters - Unit Separator and Record Separator intended to be used for?

Notepad supports ASCII, not unicode.

@Tomasz, I wonder if you ever considered to (optionally ?) support the utf-8 encoding in some application functionalities that deal with text (in particular when importing exporting data - i.e. fullname, etc. - from/to external applications (typically web based).

Starting from version 5.94 UNICODE is supported in the following areas (excerpt from read me)

AFL: support for UCN (universal character numbers) \uXXXX where XXXX is hexadecimal character code. UCN output works in PlotText/PlotTextSetFont, GfxDrawText, GfxTextOut, Chart titles, Interpretation and Commentary windows. Requires Windows 2000 or higher
For example
heart "\u2764"
sun "\u2600"
star "\u2605"
EURO currency: "\u20ac"
Sigma (greek): "\u03a3"
alpha (greek): "\u03b1"
beta (greek): "\u03b2"
umbrella: "\u2602"
telephone: "\u260e"
hand pointing up "\u261D"

Tables of all UCN/Unicode characters
List of Unicode characters - Wikipedia
Various arrows:
Enclosed alphanumerics:

(note: NOT all glyphs (graphical representations of characters) are actually present in current font. This depends on your operating system. For example Segoe UI in Windows 7 has lots of characters, but Windows 8 has more,
if a glyph is missing usually an empty rectangle is drawn). DejaVu free font has lots of glyphs, Symbola free font has lots of weird shapes.

Plot( C, "", colorDefault );
PlotTextSetFont( "\u2665\u2126\u2191\u21d1\u24ee\u261D", "Segoe UI", 30, 20, HighestVisibleValue( C )/2 + LowestVisibleValue( C )/2 , colorRed );
Title = "A demo of UCN: "+EncodeColor(colorRed)+"\u2665\u2126\u2191\u20ac\u03a3\u03b2\u2602\u260E";

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