Use AmiQuote Yahoo Historical Feature to get Current Day

I’m now using AmiQuote Yahoo Historical feature to get an update to historical and current day at the same time. Seems to work just fine. Am using for indexes only so don’t know if works for other tickers.

It works for all Symbols for me. I use it for equity symbols (shares) and Indices. It’s my workaround for the closure of “Yahoo Current”.

I can also use “Google Intraday” for intraday and End Of Day updates of Shares. The time taken to update (intraday) a list of Shares using “Google Intraday” and “Yahoo Historical” is about the same, so I don’t use “Google Intraday” because I don’t want an extra function in the overall mix (might as well stick with “Yahoo History”).

The main problem is speed. Using the defunct “Yahoo Current” to update End Of Day prices for 1500 or so Symbols was maybe 50 to 100 times faster than using “Yahoo History”.

Tiingo Current (in the works) will provide speeds equal to old Yahoo Current.

AmiQuote 3.28 BETA with Tiingo Current support will arrive today. As per hour testing, full market snapshot takes less than 3 seconds to download. What’s more there will be special “symbol”: _ALLSYMBOLS_ that will cause Tiingo current to download its all 7000+ symbols snapshot at once without need to specify them as a list.

Tiingo does not work with VIX for instance