Use Horizontal Line To Create Buy and Sell Orders

Wondering if there is a way to use horizontal line of some sort to create buy and sell orders and modify stops by dragging the line. I imagine this would require some custom afl code (which I am willing to do)

Currently use TC2000 as my charting platform and they have ability to do this. You can create a buy order and then if you need to adjust it, you can do so directly in the chart gui by just dragging the line.
This make it super easy to manage a trade.
Has anyone set something like this up in Amibroker or know where to start?


@greg12579 - this can be done with a decent amount of work. To get you started, I would investigate Static Variables, Matrix's, the getCursor mouse functions, GFX and loops for some limited things. It is not trivial - especially considering that the solution will need to be quite robust if you are relying on it to submit real orders for you.

These articles might give you the idea....