Use of two watchlists with Rotational trading code

Hi All

Is this possible using Amibroker?
I would like to write an Amibroker rotational strategy that simultaneously uses two watch lists, one for stocks and the other for bonds. Each of these two lists would have a separate max number of positions, separate positionscore functions and positionsize functions. I could not figure out how to handle the apply filter setting since it can only pick one watchlist to filter. Likely other problems as well.

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In the Filter window, the category type (e.g. Watchlist) is a drop-down. Therefore, you can make two different lines specify a watch list name if you desire. However, this change alone is not going to allow you to accomplish what you want in terms of running two parallel rotational strategies. I'm pretty sure you'd need to write you own Custom Back Test to do that.

Thanks Matt

My gut feeling is that you are exactly right.