Use Three Color in explore

Hi all

I would like to ask if it possible to use three different color in Amibroker explore. For Ex:

MA10 , MA20 and MA30

if MA10 and MA20 > MA30 ColorLime.
if MA10 < MA20 and MA20 > MA30 ColorOrange.
if MA10 < MA30 ColorBlue.

Thank for any help

C1 = MA(C,10)>MA(C,30) AND MA(C,20)>MA(C,30);
C2 = MA(C,20)>MA(C,10) AND MA(C,20)>MA(C,30);
C3 = MA(C,10)<MA(C,30);
CX = C1 OR C2 OR C3;	 

CC = IIf(C1,colorLime,
	 IIf(C3,colorBlue,colorDefault))); // Color of Condition

Filter  = CX;
AddColumn(CX,"Moving Average Crossovers",1.0,colorDefault,CC);

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Ok Thank you Sebastian..