User deleted the content of Formulas folder, was: Equity not showing

After several years of using Amibroker (6.0), suddenly the equity curve stopped showing on my "charts" in the backtest report. i get only 3 charts: "profit distribution", "max adverse..." and "max favorable". ChatGPT suggested i should mark the "account equity curve" option on the properties tab, but none exist in my version. Thanks in advance!

Which means i don't have "Underwater Equity" and 'Profit Table" either. Thanks

Find in your backups

folder Amibroker\Formulas\Report Charts

and check if any file changed since than

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You were right, of course: several days ago i deleted unused formulas and created a new clean "formulas" folder for Amibroker. However, i haven't copied the "Report Charts" to the new folder. Now , that i copied it, everything is in order. Thanks a lot. Problem Solved.

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