User error: Using different input data gives different results, was: Difference between ADX in MT4 and Amibroker

charts of EURUSD in Amibroker show big differences in ADX/PDI/MDI.
I cannot find out why, because indicators in both platforms are basically black boxes.
And it seems that it cannot be caused just by different prices.
Switching between OHLC, weighted Close, Typical Price etc. in MT4 doesn't get me even near the Amibroker-curves. In AB there is no possibility to change anything but period.

Maybe someone already found out why this is. Or am i wrong at some point and do not realize?
I love Amibroker to code and test first before trading via MT4, but with these different ADX functions it is not possible.

Help would be appreciated.
Best regards


You are aware that you are feeding two programs with DIFFERENT DATA, aren’t you?
(Quick look on chart reveals that close price is different, number of candles after big jump is different and candles are different too). You are aware that Forex is unregulated and if you are using different Forex broker brokers/sources then you have different data?

Different input results in different output.

This “switching” alone shows that MT4 is NOT using Standard ADX. In standard there is no way to switch anything.

There is one and only correct method to calculate ADX that is explained here

and AmiBroker uses that method.

Thank you Tomasz. That’s what i suspected too.

So i will make my own ADX as per the source you quoted. Got also the book from Wilder at home, so no problem.

Thanks again.

Should say i make my own MT4 ADX.

But it is not the price data that creates these big ADX differences.
below you can see both timeseries IB and MT4 with AB ADX and it does not produce much different pictures in the indicator as you can see between AB ADX and MT4 ADX.

EURUSD60 is exported from MT4 and imported into AB. Nominal numbers are different in ADXes but not the crossings etc. very similar instead.
Last four bars not in MT4 export. Thats the time betwenn exporting and posting.
And i had to shift time series of MT4 because of servertime different to IB

compare Amibroker ADX with MT4 and IB data

This is NOT MT4 forum. If you are interested in copying AmIBroker in MT4 then this is not the place to ask. As long as input data are NOT identical, it is pointless to compare.